Start a Christian ministry on your campus


There are so many opportunities to experience God beyond just starting a movement on your campus! There are four main events hosted each year, and one is coming really soon, so grab a friend or two and join us!


Fall Retreats

Fall retreats are held locally by campuses that already have an active Cru ministry, and they’d love for you to join them. They are inexpensive, invaluable and incredibly fun. It’s a great way to meet other students and make friends – and get off campus for a weekend!


Christmas Break | Winter Conferences

Cru hosts larger conferences during Christmas break located regionally, usually within a few hours drive or less. Spend several days at a posh hotel and see God change your life. For more specific conference info visit:


Big Break | Spring Break Conferences

Join hundreds of other students from around the country at our next big event – Spring Break! Being that it’s a big event, and that it’s during spring break, we’ve decided to call it none other than… Big Break!

For all the info, check it out at

And don’t forget your summer plans!


Summer ProjectSummer Projects

Both U.S. and international Summer Projects abound!

Pick from a veritable plethora of domestic and overseas locations including: San Diego, Ocean City (MD or NJ), Alaska, Miami, Brazil, Italy, Thailand and many more!

Summer Projects vary in team size as well as duration. To get all the details, take a trip to: